White Mars - the world at the end of the world

Giampietro Casasanta

Dr. Giampietro Casasanta graduated in physics in 2008, earned a Ph.D. in Remote Sensing in 2011 (Sapienza – University of Rome) and is currently working as atmospheric scientist at the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC-CNR). His research activity is mainly focused on planetary boundary layer meteorology and micrometeorology, acoustic and optical active remote sensing (including the design and automation of new instruments and techniques) and urban climate.

In 2015 he spent nine month in complete isolation with a skeleton crew of just 13 people overwintering at the Italian-French station Concordia, 1200 km far from the Antarctica shores, where he was in charge of the Italian glaciology and atmospheric remote sensing research programs. In this lecture, he will share his experiences.