"The Galactic Imaginarium F‎ilm Festival",
the first SF&F International Film Festival in Romania

Darius Hupov and Marius Gordan

Darius Luca Hupov is the Lead organizer of TGIFF (Director of the Festival). He is active in Romanian SFF from 1985. He is a club member at ""Syndicate 9"" from Timișoara, a convention organizer, SFF author, SFF podcaster and editor at the most popular SFF online magazine in Romania, galaxia42.ro Marius Gordan is also part of the SFF club ""Syndicate 9"" from Timișoara, he is part of the TGIFF team as web and social media coordinator. He is an editor at galaxia42.ro, coordinator of the video gaming section.

A short presentation about "The Galactic Imaginarium F‎ilm Festival", TGIFF, the first Science Fiction and Fantasy International Film Festival in Romania (Dumbrăvița-Timiș, 23rd-27th September 2020).